Ruby's World - The Long and Short of it.

A little bit about Ruby

Ruby is a silver dappled, long haired miniature dachshund born Dec 3, 2005. She was found running loose & pregnant in Aldergrove during that horrible winter of 2008. A small boarding kennel (Thank you Pat!) took her in & nursed her back to health and she had a litter of pups November 2008. The owners were finally located and came for the puppies, but left Ruby behind. Lucky us!

Our 13 year old Boxer, Dee, had passed 1 week before Christmas and our 13 year old Sharpei-Pitti cross, Shadow, was missing her lifelong companion. So on Feb 14, 2009 we adopted this little doxie diva, changed her name and never looked back. She was my best valentine gift ever! She was our first small dog so there were some major adjustments - plus she really didn't like my husband or son... but she loved me so it was all good. She eventually warmed to them as well, all it took was a lot of bribes with cheese and bellyrubs. That is how she took control of the household.

Our big dog, Shadow, was terrified of this bossy little thing and would avoid crossing her path at all costs. Ruby quickly took over Shadow's bed, toys, bones, everything. She would spend 15 minutes dragging (it was too big for her to carry) Shadow's huge bone across the floor to stash in her crate. Ruby preferred to stretch out over Shadow's pillow rather than use the cute little 'small' dog bed... and Shadow allowed her to.

and a little bit about her BFF Beezuzu

Beezuzu is a Boston Terrier (or Boston Terror according to Ruby) born Aug 8, 2004. She came to us through the Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington via Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. She was surrendered by her owner due to medical reasons, which has to be one of the hardest things to have to do.

We lost our Sharpie-pitti cross, Shadow, July 4, 2010 at 15 1/2 years old. Ruby was missing a friend to terrorize once Shadow was gone. She was moping and losing weight, which at 9 1/2 pounds she doesn't have much to begin with.

So on August 22, 2010 Ruby and I headed down to the Seattle area to meet Beezuzu. She was bigger than I had expected but perfect in every way - from the little white splash on her face to her crooked little tail. She was racing around with 6 or 7 other Bostons and was quite a bossy girl. She didn't seem to bother too much with Ruby and Ruby didn't bother with her. (Ruby was busy exploring every hole in the fence and shed) So far, so good. I got Beezuzu's paperwork and crate and headed for home with not one but TWO bossy girls. (Thank you Vicki!)

Beezuzu settled in so quickly and well that it is like we have had her for years. She loves everyone in the house and our extended family too! She is still vying for top dog in the house and wrestles with Ruby over the top spot. So far Ruby is managing to hold her own even though Zuzu is almost 3 times her size.

~Karen, personal assistant to Ruby & Beezuzu